Our Mission

Our goal is to not only move belongings but to also move people’s hearts with our care, warmth and smiles.

Our customers are treated with sincerity from the very first moment they make contact with our International Moving Coordinator.

01Efficient One-stop service

02Highly skilled packing to prevent damage and increase packing speed

03Cordial staff responds to your needs to fit your lifestyle.

Our Mission

Moving Abroad

Our dedicated staff will thoughtfully attend to your moving needs.
Our attention to detail and consideration of family and personal needs will leave you smiling.

One stop service

One stop service

One Stop Service

Through out the moving process you can conduct you life as normal up to the actual moving day.

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Dispatch system for businesses

Moving Dispatch System for Businesses

Moving Dispatch System

Our original dispatch system will be utilized to arrange and manage overseas and domestic moves.
Access to our unique system will be provided to Business customers.

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Domestic relocation and storage

Domestic Moving And Storage

Domestic Moving And Storage

We offer packaging for domestic moves that make use of our extensive overseas relocation know-how. We apply these same packing techniques for storage in our non air-conditioned 660 square meter warehouse. We also partner with and provide storage facilities with air conditioning suitable for long-term storage.

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Message from the President

Since establishment Japan Move Co., Ltd.
has been providing our overseas relocation services under the foundation that "If we move the customers' hearts their smiles will make us smile, their smiles will make others smile, and we will be able to deliver smiles worldwide." We work daily to adhere to this goal.

Message from the president

Corporate overview

Corporate Overview

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Tips for international relocation

Tips for moving overseas

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